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Our cotton velour slippers

Our cotton velour slippers are handmade in England and have a satin quilted lining for extra comfort. Thin leather soles guarantee durability. Our slippers are available in a wide variety of colours, from black velvet to lavender velvet to Union Jack fabric, and are available for both ladies and gents to suit all tastes. They can be personalised with your choice of hand embroidery, from a family crest or initials to a hunting button or company logo We’ve even made them from photographs of our customers’ dogs, horses, cars and even houses. Although most of our slippers are made from cotton velour, we also make them in leather, with classic calf leather, suede leather and even hairy calf leather (sometimes called ‘pony’ leather), as well as various printed fabrics such as Union Jack fabric and denim.

The “Albert” slippers

“Albert” slippers became popular in court circles when Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s consort, began wearing them to dinner with his dinner jacket or “tuxedo”, the American term. This was taken up by fashionable people in royal circles. These days, you don’t have to be royalty to wear shoes like these, and they’re worn for all sorts of events, from beach weddings to formal dinners and every day on the streets of Paris, London and New York. They are proving to be more popular today than in the Victorian era because of their timeless elegance and the infinite possibilities for personalisation, from the colour of the velvet to the satin quilted lining, as well as the edging and of course the hand embroidery.
The slippers are all hand-embroidered, and we use real metallic thread for the gold and silver threads. It’s a complicated and time-consuming process that often involves coloured cotton threads, but the results speak for themselves. For a more discreet look, we’ve got tasselled velvet slippers and Brandenburg frog straps that decorate the slippers beautifully.